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Expert Treatment for Receding Gums

Do You Need a Gum Graft?

If you’ve been experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold food or beverages, or noticed your teeth seem longer than usual, you most likely have gum recession. This progressive condition affects everything from the natural aesthetics of your smile to the function and health of your teeth and gums. When you notice receding gums, especially if they bleed easily or look swollen, it’s time to seek treatment from Dr. Michael Williams. As an experienced periodontist, Dr. Williams is an expert in gum recession treatment and can restore comfort and aesthetics to your smile with specialized gum grafting in Pittsfield, MA

Benefiting from a Gum Graft

  • Improve comfort when eating and drinking
  • Stabilize loose teeth
  • Prevent bacterial buildup in pockets
  • Improve natural smile aesthetics
  • Prevent future gum recession

Choose the Gum Tissue Expert

As a periodontist, Dr. Williams invested three additional years after dental school to specialize in diagnosing and treating gum disease and other soft tissue conditions like receding gums. While many dentists can provide general gum grafting services, they may not have comprehensive training or knowledge of all related procedures and techniques. Dr. Williams’ additional training and focus on soft tissue treatments, including the different gum grafting techniques available, makes him the expert and go-to specialist for gum graft procedures.

Completing these types of treatments daily, he has the expertise and skill to choose the best type of gum graft in Pittsfield, MA for your condition and provide the necessary functional improvements to your gums, while ensuring that your smile is restored to optimal aesthetics and comfort. For treatments with results as noticeable as a gum graft on your front teeth, you’ll benefit from seeing an award-winning specialist like Dr. Williams who provides these services at the highest level of quality, precision, and skill.

Our Personalized Gum Recession Treatment

Gum grafting involves using a tissue sample to cover over the exposed tooth roots to reduce sensitivity, stabilize the teeth, and improve soft tissue aesthetics. This tissue can either be from the patient’s palate or a donor source. Dr. Williams will use his expertise in the different types of gum graft surgery to choose the best treatment for your oral health needs. To ensure your comfort, we’ll provide custom sedation services at your appointment.

During your procedure, Dr. Williams will use the appropriate tissue sample to place over your gums and tooth roots, then suture this tissue in place for the healing period. Over the next several months, your gums and the tissue sample will fuse to create a strong and aesthetic gumline. Proper gum height and attachment help to reduce bacteria accumulation and infection (gum disease), keeping your smile healthy, functional, and free from sensitivity.

Gum recession won’t stop on its own.

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