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Have you been feeling discouraged due to many failing or missing teeth? Not having a full set of healthy teeth can make it virtually impossible to comfortably eat, talk, socialize, or feel confident and attractive in your smile. If you’re looking for a solution to your situation, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us for TeethXpress in Pittsfield, MA! Following this revolutionary protocol, we can replace all your missing teeth with full arch dental implants and a fixed bridge of new teeth—in just one appointment. Unlike removable dentures or implant supported dentures, TeethXpress full arch dental implants can give you the stable, strong smile you need to live with function, health, and confidence!

The Life-Changing Benefits of TeethXpress

  • Immediate results with long-term function
  • A beautiful, custom-fitted new smile
  • Lasting stability and support from implants
  • Improved diet and overall health
  • No need for pastes or adhesives
  • Boost in confidence and wellbeing

A Superior Solution

You have multiple options for replacing your failing or missing teeth. However, only one stands out with the lasting benefits it provides: TeethXpress full mouth dental implants. We encourage you to learn about your options, then schedule a consultation with our team. We’ll always provide multiple treatment options from which you can choose.

Require pastes and adhesivesStabilized with 2+ implantsFixed in place with 4+ implants
Will slip, loosen, and fall outMay shift, but won’t fall outPermanently secure and stable
Limited food choicesModerate food choicesEat all the foods you love
Accelerates jawbone lossMinimizes jawbone lossHalts further jawbone loss
Moderate smile aestheticsBeautiful, natural look and feel
No adjustments or relines
No additional maintenance

Care from an Award-Winning Periodontist

To make this solution possible for you, our periodontist Dr. Michael Williams has undergone extensive training in the TeethXpress protocol across a range of simple to complex patient cases. Additionally, as a periodontist with specialized training and years of experience, he is considered an expert in implant dentistry and full arch tooth replacement. Using digital technology, including CBCT imaging and Simplant™ computer-guided implant placement, and the superior implant systems of BioHorizons®, he can provide precision treatment with consistently predictable and lasting results. During your entire treatment process, we are collaborating with your restorative dentist to ensure your temporary and final restoration are optimized for the ideal fit with amazing long-term aesthetics and function.
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Our TeethXpress Treatment Process

TeethXpress full mouth dental implants are fully customized for each patient, so we take great care that your treatment is personalized to your unique needs and smile goals. We’ll begin your treatment with a consultation and oral health evaluation. This may also include a CBCT scan that lets us assess the quality and density of your jawbone and the optimal locations to place the dental implants. Working with your restorative dentist during this phase also ensures that your restorations will be made to attach perfectly to the implants once surgically placed. The custom surgical guide designed from these mockups will aid Dr. Williams in placing your implants in the exact angle and depth in your jaw for an optimal restorative outcome. This surgery will only take a few hours and will be comfortable and pain-free as you relax under custom sedation.

Due to the innovative Laser-Lok design unique to BioHorizons implant systems, the dental implants in your jaw will provide a superior level of stability immediately after being placed. In virtually all cases, we’ll be able to deliver a custom temporary that will provide function and aesthetics as you heal from surgery. You’ll then return to your restorative dentist’s office in a few months to receive your final bridge of permanent teeth. Digitally designed to the perfect size and color and to beautifully match your skin tone, lip line, and facial features, this restoration will be permanently fixed to the dental implants and provide lasting functional and aesthetic benefits. Enjoy your new smile for years to come!

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