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It’s Time to Treat Gum Disease

Your swollen, bleeding gums are not normal and are a sign you have gum disease. Beginning with these symptoms, gum disease can quickly progress if the bacteria-releasing plaque and tartar buildup are not removed from the teeth and pockets between them. If you’ve been putting off seeking treatment for this condition, you may be noticing more extensive problems: severe gum recession, tooth mobility, deepening pockets between teeth, chronic bad breath, and even tooth loss.

At this stage, periodontal disease cannot be treated by antibiotics or scaling and root planing. You’ll need more comprehensive treatment, osseous surgery in Pittsfield, MA to improve your smile’s health, aesthetics, and function. Our periodontist, Dr. Michael Williams, is an expert in gum disease treatment, with the expertise and skill to fully restore your smile, even if you have advanced periodontal disease.

The Lasting Benefits of Osseous Surgery

For severe cases of gum disease, the goal of osseous surgery is to rid your mouth of the bacteria that are causing chronic gum infection and inflammation and to reduce the deep pockets that have formed between your teeth. Restoring a healthy, infection-free environment ensures that your gums and bone remain functional and no more teeth become loose or fall out. Eliminating bacteria also helps improve systemic health, as gum disease has been linked to numerous health problems, including diabetes, respiratory disease, heart attack, and stroke. Treating gum disease can make it easier to control other chronic conditions as well as significantly reduce the risk of other more serious health problems. Don’t wait to seek treatment from Dr. Williams and receive lasting benefits, including:
  • Restored tooth function for comfortable eating
  • Improved gum health for an attractive smile
  • Elimination of bad taste in the mouth and bad breath
  • Reduced risk of systemic health complications
  • Better oral and overall health

Expert Treatment with Noticeable Results

Dr. Williams is an experienced periodontist who completed additional years of education and training outside of dental school to specialize in the diagnosis and management of gum disease. This specialization means he is considered the expert in soft tissue treatments, and he completes procedures like osseous surgery in Pittsfield, MA almost daily, with the comprehensive knowledge and experience to specifically treat patients with advanced gum disease and any resulting bone or tooth loss. A recipient of the American Academy of Periodontology Award for Excellence in Periodontology, he demonstrates his dedication to his field and continues to remain at the forefront of emerging techniques and technologies in periodontics. If you’re suffering from advanced stages of periodontal disease, trust your care to an expert in the treatments you need.

Understanding Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery, or pocket reduction surgery, involves a thorough cleaning of the periodontal pockets between the teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup and resulting bacteria. Next, any bone that has been damaged by the bacteria will be smoothed and reshaped. If this bone damage is severe, Dr. Williams can provide bone grafts to restore the proper structures. Then, diseased tissues are trimmed before being secured around tooth roots to reduce the depth of the pockets. As the healthy gum tissues heal, now free from infection and bacteria, they will once again create a tight, stabilizing seal around the teeth. This helps prevent bacteria from accumulating in the pockets in the future. You’ll need to maintain proper oral hygiene at home and return to our office for more frequent periodontal maintenance appointments to ensure gum disease does not progress further. With proper at-home and professional dental care, along with maintaining better health habits, you can keep your smile healthy long-term and benefit from restored health, function, and aesthetics.

Don’t wait to treat your gum disease.

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