What An Intraoral Camera Means For Your Dental Procedure!

3d Designed Mouth Graphic

Many advances in oral health and technology are ever-evolving and rapidly changing and improving the care executed by your dentist in Pittsfield, MA. These advances in technology dental procedures such as dental implant placing, oral health examinations, and common dentistry processes to occur in convenient, quick, and pain-free methods. Digital and modern technologies can help reduce any anxieties you may have going to the dentist and get you to your best results in a fast and reliable manner. 

Your dentist in Pittsfield, MA often views your mouth to see what procedures would work best for you. Using innovative technology such as an intraoral camera, your dentist can get a full picture of your mouth’s health. Specifically, the TRIOS® 3 Basic intraoral scanner offers amazing benefits such as:


  • Being a small, hand-held powerful, non-invasive device that is fitted with a camera and light that offers precise scans of your teeth and gums by transmitting images to a computer screen
  • Able to view dental issues such as: a fractured tooth, abscess, or cavity
  • Producing digital images that affords a more accurate diagnosis and creates a virtual representation of your smile. This device creates a digital treatment process that allows you to watch your dentist view your mouth in real time, offering a more personalized experience
  • Eliminates the need for goopy paste impressions


Advanced technology such as the TRIOS 3 Basic scanner allows your dentist to show you exactly what they see and explain things easily as you watch. Dental professionals with expertise and knowledge of modern technologies are important to visit to get the best overall experience in dental care. Dr Michael Williams and his expert team at Bershire Periodontics and Dental Implants in Pittsfield, MA offer these types of state-of-the-art technology to identify and execute the most personalized treatment plan just for you. Dr Williams also uses digital technology to scan your mouth and upload them to CAD/CAM software, where your new smile will be custom-designed with precision and detail for an amazing new smile!


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